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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Our Scottish poetry

Well, dreich as it was we headed out to the woods. I told them snippets of information about Robert Burns on the way out. 

We found a sheltered spot and sat and listened to "To a mouse" and "Address to the haggis" before we all sang Auld Lang Syne.  Many of the class had never sung outdoors before.

We then shared our favourite Scots/Doric words.

For the last 15 minutes the class had to work in pairs to come up with a short poem, including some Scots if they knew the words.

Here are some of our poems

We sit upon the dreichit dyke
As the cauld wind dances on our skin
The auld beech tree covered wi' craws
And a coo stares bleakly at us
As we sit upon the dreichit dyke
We dinna kin why we are here!

Robyn and Sophie

A birdie flees awa up high
While thy wind blaws by
Through the trees and bushes
As the dreichit weather hings ower
Oor wee village
As a birdie flees awa
As the sna scattered all ower the ground
The timid beasties settle doon for a lang winter nap.

Nadia and Orla

Ma lugs are freezin and so are my taes
And also I hate these dreich days
Ma nib is rinnin' and ma moo is blue
And that's the end of us two!

Ellise and Rosie

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  1. These are super poems! Well done! I'm always surprised at how well children cope sitting outside in cold weather. The other week I was doing sessions in a wood with the temperatures well below freezing and the P6 and 7 children didn't complain at all. In fact they were very positive about the experience.