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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Free play - dens

Den building was popular with all all 8 sessions there were usually around 10 children involved in building dens.  Their skills were generally quite poor and most struggled to attach string and ropes to the sheets.  I found the same thing with my P7 class earlier this year when we did den building in the woods.  Tying knots is becoming a long lost skill! Also how best to use existing supports like trees and fences was a problem.

When discussing with their classes once back inside it was clear that very few of our pupils had ever built dens before...

It showed me that these are important skills we need to actually teach our pupils.

 The camo netting and colourful fabric were popular.

This was built by a mixture of P5s and P2s.  They didn't think to fix it to the fence to make it more stable in the strong wind.

Next time...come back to see how other resources were used on Play Day

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