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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Back to School!

After 7 long weeks off for summer, term started last week.  This year I have a Primary 4 class so a bit of a change from P7s!

We have been working outside everyday except yesterday when torrential rain and strong winds swept through Aberdeen.

So far we have chanted our 4 times table outside - while doing a kind of dance!  Great fun!  A different pupil makes up the "dance" each time and it definitely keeps us fit. We  used the 1 - 100 number line painted outside the school to jump along the 4 times table - now every time we go up to the playground my P4s insist we do our 4 times table on the number line which is fantastic.  Coming back from the woods today, they decided to do it backwards from 100 and many succeeded!

We hunted for right angles in the playground today then went to our "Rainforest" (our topic) to be explorers and look for wildlife.  The beech woods (AKA Rainforest) provided us with many creatures with the favourites being chubby orange slugs and woodlice.  The excitement...the smiling faces...they absolutely loved it!

We've used our 1 - 100 number square too and stood on numbers in the 4 times table but this is more tricky at the moment than the number line.

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