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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Outdoor Clothing test 1 - out in heavy rain!

Well, perfect weather for playing in the rain!  2/5 of my class have now tested Juliet Robertson's outsdoor clothing box

Here are a selection of comments so far...the children have been very honest!

Try Before You Buy Outdoor Clothing Boxes
Today I went out to play in the playground with a muddy puddles jacket 9-10yrs it was quite cosy and definitely waterproof.  I had on Abeko waterproof trousers they kept you warm but the company need to make the trouser legs wider because they were tight and I have got quite slim legs. It was really good fun and i would definitely do it again.
Today I went outside to do a waterproof test. I wore the set of spindrift trousers and jacket size 11/12. They were very comfortable and warm after a bit. the downside was it wasn’t very waterproof so I got very wet, but it was so fun I would love to do it again!
I tried a lime green Elka waterproof outfit in a test and the outfit passed. It was a size 150 and it was very comfortable to wear. It is nice and bright and the hood fitted well. The footstrap was uncomfortable while running and playing on equipment but overall it was the perfect waterproof outfit!
I tried a pair of result trousers sized 13-14 They were really good and waterproof and I never got wet inside. The jacket I tried was a storm dri junior sized 11-12. The jacket was also really good and also kept me dry.
I wore an orange coloured ELKA jacket and the size was 140. I thought it was quite warm but i am not so sure it would last in worse weather. It was very waterproof but the colour wasn’t very nice.
I was wearing a pair of black Abeko trousers size 140 with a Storm Dri red waterproof jacket size 7-8. My trousers were comfortable and stopped me from getting wet where as my jacket wasn’t the best I've ever worn it got me soaked and after that experience my arms were cold for the rest of the day


  1. What a great photo! I've been enjoying reading the children's comments too!

  2. its really wonderful. i liked it. the picture is also amazing. thanks a lot for sharing such an nice post.