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Monday, 2 April 2012


With my home broadband being down for over 2 weeks I've not been able to post recently so here's an update from the last couple of weeks of term...

We made up some aboriginal song lines in the woods which was great fun, with songs made up about travelling through our woods from big stones to trees with three trunks to the "tree with green leaves" etc - great for work on giving accurate directions.  Sadly only one child could actually identify the "tree with green leaves" when I asked them for its name - it is a holly tree!  We spoke about how native people had names for all the plants and animals like we do but they could name most of them while nowadays few younger people can.  It was an interesting discussion and we are going to keep working on identifying and naming wildlife around the school.

With the amazing sunny weather we looked at light last week with shadows being a fun activity - some P7s had never drawn round shadows before...

This child wanted to make a cross as we had been studying Easter!

This lead on to some interesting work with sundials, lenses etc...

We used special sunlight paper to make pictures of shadows which they really enjoyed - we took a bucket of water out with us to fix the pictures in and then let them dry in the sun while we (yes, me too!) rolled down the grassy banks in the playground - so much fun!

We had an Easter egg hunt in the woods, looking for plastic eggs - inside, not chocolate, but clues to the Easter story which we then discussed, while sitting in a circle in our favourite part of the woods - yes having not been in the woods much before this year, my class now have a favourite part!

We also made nests in the woods to tie in to technology work we have been doing.

They all decided birds must be really clever to build nests as it was hard to make them strong! 

It's been a fun term and I'm looking forward to more outdoor work after the holidays...

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  1. Thanks for the catch up - glad you are back online and blogging. Have a lovely Easter.