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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Candlemas Candles

Well...Candlemas Day was a beautiful sunny day here.  There is a saying that if Candlemas is fair and bright, winter will have another fight!  Snow to come, perhaps?

The children all wrote their reasons for lighting candles today - personal and in terms of nature.  We headed outside this afternoon, sat in a circle in the playground and read our reasons.  I lit a candle for each person who spoke. 

Some pupils had a tear in their eyes as they mentioned people and pets which had passed away.  Some candle lighting reasons were for celebrations.  We started by lighting a candle for the return of the sun.

One pupil said it was a relaxing activity and a few said it was nice to sit quietly outdoors.  Another wrote on our class blog tonight, "I found todays activity beautiful. The candle lighting was touching. I really liked taking photos too!"

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