Parachutes outdoors are great!

Saturday, 4 February 2012

What will you find us outside doing next week?

I'm looking at my plans for next week to see which aspects of the learning I could take outdoors. 

I'm definitely taking my Eco group meeting outside on Monday. 

My P7s are looking at direct speech so think I'll use some playground chalk outside for that. 

We are studying conflict and World War 2 as part of that so you might find us outside on a reconnaissance mission in the woods!

For maths we are going on to time next, so ropes and sticks to make big clocks will be my starter lesson.

Talking of sticks...last year a P5 class I was taking for an hour a week, for outdoor learning,  made stick skeletons!  (Thanks to David Birch for the idea).

I'd love to know, what are any other teachers visiting my blog,  planning on doing outside next week?  Comments please.


  1. I love your blog. I have just set up an organisation running after school clubs and in school workshops in the Edinburgh area.It would be great to share ideas with you.
    The Natural Playground

  2. Thanks, Emily. Great to get positive feedback. I am all for sharing ideas. So many teachers tell me they'd like to take their classes outside but are not sure what to do when they get out! I was the same and needed ideas to start me off and now I get some ideas myself and just think of the outcome I am trying to cover and how it could be done inside or outside.