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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

RME in the Woods

Today I told the story of Jesus in the Wilderness to explain why Lent is 40 days long. 

After telling the part about Jesus being alone in the desert I got everyone to spread out and find a place in the woods on their own but in sight of the next person (for safety).  Everyone had to be quiet for 4 minutes.  My class love to chat but eveyone was silent and I stood in the middle so I could see everyone.  Comments after varied from being peaceful, good hearing the birds sing to "It was boring...nothing to do."  We discussed where the pupils liked to go and think - from corner of the garage to inside a wardrobe!  One pupil said she went and sat in the woods near her house when she needed to think.

I asked one of the boys who loves climbing trees to climb a tree as I read the part about the devil trying to persuade Jesus to jump from the high temple.  He loved sitting up the tree (and he climbed down!)

Finally to the mountain (high point in the playground) where the devil tells Jesus he can have everything he sees from the mountain top.  We looked at the view and talked about temptation.  A Muslim child in the class told us about fasting for Ramadan (also 40 days).

And...I'd brought pancakes and jam for us all to eat before the bell went for break time! 

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