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Monday, 20 February 2012

Mission in the Woods

Our P7 project is "Conflict" so today the mission was to map an area of woods we could use as a hiding place incase the school was attacked!  Each group of 3 was given a small tarp (1m squared!) to put up in case of a rain shower, then they had to map an area of woodland around 5m squared..

Putting up the tarps was a lesson in itself...what a struggle they had!  Only one child had ever made a den in the woods before.  Tying knots and selecting a sensible place proved tricky and it took over 30 mins for some groups to put their tarp up!  Some didn't even use the walls or trees to help make their shelter, just put the tarp up in the middle of their "area" with no shelter.  Great fun though and a valuable learning/team building experience for children who seldom play in the woods.

The mapping has begun but due to the longer time than expected to put up the tarps, we will need another session to complete them. 

 This group tried for ages in the woods then found this spot over the wall!  Very sensible really!

Oh...and we got great views of a very tame wood mouse (much cuter than house mouse) which completely ignored us! 

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