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Monday, 20 February 2012

Outdoor Clocks

After our mission in the woods this morning (see previous post), we had break (outside) then went in for half an hour to do some indoor work before heading out to the playgound for some maths.  As we are starting some work on time, I thought some revision of telling the time using big outdoor clocks (ropes, cones and sticks) would be beneficial. 

In groups of 5 the clocks were made and each pupil made times (hard ones - no o'clocks, half pasts of quarter past/to allowed) and the rest of the group had to say the time in 2 ways - eg. 20 past 1 is the same as 40 mins to 2.  Then they repeated the exercise and had to give the time in 12 and 24 hour time.

Going around the groups I was quickly and easily able to assess who was secure with this and who needed more help.  I have a worksheet for tomorrow to check up on everyone again but hope they will all manage to complete this accurately after today's practical session.  Many commented how much fun they had.  We finished with "What's the Time Mr Wolf" to warm up!

Tomorrow we are doing an activity about Lent outside in the woods...

Oh and my inspiration for my blog name...
I put this up for anyone looking for us...

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