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Wednesday, 1 February 2012


We took part in this today (a couple of days late for various reasons).

Last year we recorded over 70 birds in an hour.  The most common were chaffinches. 

This year it was a bit milder and we only recorded around 30 birds - top species was Herring Gull.

In our nature area, we have a few sunflower seed feeders (black best - not stripy), a slab of lard in a feeder and some fat balls (make sure you put them in special (spiral) feeder - not in their net bags as birds have been known to get tangled up in these and die).  The P4s have been feeding the birds twice a week this term and the bird food supplies are now running low!

The RSPB Birdwatch is great and the results can be put online and graphs can be made from our results and those from Scotland as a whole.  Good for data handling.

The children had a lot of fun and some learned how to use binoculars for the first time. 
we finished with a game of bird corners, using 4 of the bird signs we have up along one wall of the school. 

We also listened to some bird calls first using my Android phone/bird song app and some mini speakers which got them listening when we got to the wildlife area and some started recognising calls like greenfinch.

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